Discover the 2023 GPHG Jury chaired by Nick Foulkes


The composition of the Jury for the 23rd Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG) is unveiled on gphg.org today. The 30 international personalities from the world of watchmaking and the arts composing the 2023 Jury will meet behind closed doors a few days before the GPHG awards ceremony, under the guidance of their president Nick Foulkes, to determine the year's award-winners.

The members of the Jury will combine their skills as well as their expert and enthusiastic views in physically assessing the 90 nominated timepieces and rewarding the most remarkable contemporary creations, by secret ballot and under notarial supervision.

“It is a tremendous privilege to serve as president of the jury of the GPHG; more than a competition, it is a celebration of excellence in a field that is historically, culturally and commercially significant to the city of Geneva. With its expanding series of international exhibitions and the ever-higher profile of the awards ceremony, the GPHG is one of the most effective ambassadors for modern horology in all its varied guises.  From intricately wrought complications and dazzling jewellery watches to simple time only pieces: what is unique about the GPHG is that it offers a level playing field to all those who participate. Brands and makers unfamiliar to the wider world compete alongside some of the most celebrated names in horology. The composition of this year’s jury is another demonstration of the deepening and broadening interest in watches as collectors, retailers, auctioneers, social media personalities, watchmakers, commentators and writers from around the world assume the responsibility of selecting winning watches from a rich and impressive field”. Nick Foulkes

The GPHG Academy shortlisted the 84 watches and 6 clocks, divided into 15 categories, in the running to win one of the 20 awards, including the prestigious “Aiguille d’Or” Grand Prix. Comprising nearly 850 key players from the main sectors of the watch industry, the entire Academy will also take part in choosing the winners via a vote on the dedicated digital platform. A travelling exhibition will present the shortlisted watches this autumn in Macao, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, New York and Geneva.

The 2023 award-winners will be revealed on Thursday 9 November during the 23rd GPHG awards ceremony, to be held at 6.30 pm in Geneva’s Théatre du Léman.

The GPHG ceremony, which celebrates the excellence of the industry and all those who contribute to its success through their creativity, passion and dynamism, will be broadcast live on gphg.org, euronews.com and by several media partners around the world, with deferred coverage by Léman Bleu and Hantang Culture.


2023 Jury : https://www.gphg.org/horlogerie/en/gphg-2023/jury
2023 nominations: https://www.gphg.org/horlogerie/en/gphg-2023/nominated-timepieces
2023 World Tour: https://www.gphg.org/horlogerie/en/gphg-2023/2023-schedule
GPHG Academy :  https://www.gphg.org/horlogerie/en/academy/presentation

Aude Campanelli : aude.campanelli@gphg.org


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