The GPHG academy


In a unifying spirit and based on the GPHG's founding values of neutrality, independence and universality, 2020 sees the establishment of the Academy of the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG).

A major initiative, the Academy invites experienced men and women who believe in the common destiny of watchmaking to take part in the various stages of watch selection. It is composed of several hundred members, all experienced and significant stakeholders in the key watchmaking-related sectors, divided into colleges and forming a vast network of ambassadors worldwide.

Members of the Academy have the fundamental mission of proposing the eligible watch models – in parallel with the traditional brand entries – and taking part in the various votes to determine the winners.

The Academy proceed to a first vote in summer to select the nominated timepieces via a digital platform.

A Jury of 30 members drawn from the Academy is constituted each year. This Jury meets behind closed doors, in the presence of two notaries, a few days before the awards ceremony, in order to physically evaluate each of the nominated timepieces and to proceed to the second and final ballot, alongside the other members of the Academy, who vote digitally.

Full details of the functioning of the Academy are available in the Academy Regulations
The list of members of the Academy is published each year on the GPHG website.