BOVET 1822

Recital 9 Tourbillon Miss Alexandra

Case material
Red gold
Bracelet strap
Pin buckle
Dial finish
Water resistance
30 m
ø 37.2 mm
11.3 mm
Manual-winding mechanical
Power reserve: 168 h, 21600 variations / hours
Skeleton movement
Hours, Minutes, Moon phases, Power reserve, Seconds, Tourbillon
Collection DIMIER
Price excl.VAT
175'000 CHF

In 2011, BOVET presented Récital 0 which, in its 41mm diameter version, was the first BOVET ladies’ watch powered by a movement equipped with a tourbillon. It was such a success that Pascal Raffy and his teams have chosen to broaden their range in 2013 by launching the Récital 9 Miss Alexandra Tourbillon. This new timepiece clearly proclaims its sense of belonging to the Dimier Collection, despite a number of innovations and an array of resolutely feminine aesthetic codes. Thanks to his strong ties with collectors, Pascal Raffy is keenly aware of women’s interest in Fine Watchmaking and in Grandes Complications. This closeness is indeed one of the countless little differences that forge authentic luxury in the noblest sense of the term. It is these precious exchanges that enable BOVET to offer timepieces perfectly tailored to collectors’ expectations. This means that the precision of the initial technical specifications established by Pascal Raffy are able to encompass the entire set of characteristics, functions and even the problems that will need to be resolved in order to ensure that each new creation harmoniously combines reliability, precision and the decorative arts. It is the controlled mastery and rigorous exactness devoted to these crucial stages that make BOVET 1822 timepieces both unique in terms of the infinite number of personalisation options, and unifying by embodying excellent taste and exemplary quality. These origins are clearly apparent from the very first glance at the superbly balanced and exquisite beauty of the Récital 9, Miss Alexandra Tourbillon. Its movement provides the finest response to the specific nature of woman’s demands, which often imply making compromises. The main key to this success lies in the size of the movement. The latter is at once small enough to elegantly embrace the daintiest feminine wrist; and, when sufficiently wound, large enough to supply a full 7-day operating autonomy to the tourbillon – of which the precision is further enhanced by its balance beating at a rate of 21,600 vibrations per hour. Movement architecture is one of the cornerstones of the contemporary identity pervading all creations from the Dimier 1738 Manufacture. Like the other DIMIER calibres introduced since 2011, the movement of the Récital 9 Miss Alexandra Tourbillon is built between two three-quarter plates. Alongside the technical advantages of such a construction, it offers a generous space for the tourbillon carriage. This in turn means that the diameter of the tourbillon carriage and of the balance, as well as the latter’s inertia, may be increased to as to achieve even better precision timing results. More than ever, the large bridges of the tourbillon carriage treat observers to a delightful smile-like effect.
The seconds hand, which normally appears on the upper pivot of the tourbillon carriage, is exceptionally replaced in this model by a diamond featuring facets which, as they rotate, send sparks of light playing across the shimmering polished surfaces of the movement. Hours and minutes are displayed by new central hands specially designed for the Récital 9, Miss Alexandra Tourbillon. The mystery of their unusual shape is revealed every hour, when the minutes hand comes to rest on top of the hours hand and their combined shapes form a heart… The upper part of the vertical axis of this timepiece offers a lyrical interpretation of one of the horological complications most favoured by women: moon phases. This virtually universal indication not only reveals the age of our natural satellite, but also provides precious information relating to natural science, astronomy and religions of all kinds. The moon phase display has been entirely rethought to present a face that is as realistic as possible. The exact cartography of an entire moon face has been engraved on a mirror-polished steel plate, and the hollows of this engraving have been meticulously filled with a luminescent substance. The sky surrounding the moon is then engraved on a blue PVD-treated nickel silver plate that thus appears to be naturally studded with stars. To enable more intuitive reading, the traditional crescent-shaped aperture has been done away with. Instead, the moon remains in a fixed position and two pallets featuring the same finish as the sky serve to cover the moon and thus show its age. The power reserve indicator is also presented in an original manner and appears to be mysteriously rising from the moon-phase sky. To reach this goal of cleverly combining uncluttered readability and elegance, the DIMIER watchmakers achieved the feat of placing the power reserve on the same axis as the moon phase. The power reserve hand is thus fixed to its pivot below the moon motif. Only its far end can be seen protruding from the outer edge of the moon phase sky background. The arc of a circle over which the indicator travels creates a symmetrical balance with the bridges of the tourbillon carriage. An anthem to femininity, the Récital 9 Miss Alexandra Tourbillon is the first timepiece by BOVET 1822 to be graced with an oval-shaped case. At 41mm long and 37.5mm across, its size and proportions ensure optimal comfort while exalting feminine beauty. The concern for perfection of details is a given when it comes to developing a new BOVET timepiece. It is vividly revealed here in the fact that the usual corrector for adjusting the moon phase does appear along the case middle – thus ensuring that the latter remains delightfully pure, while avoiding any potential water-resistance issues and also meaning that the moon phase can be rapidly adjusted without resorting to tools.
To achieve this feat that women are bound to appreciate, the corrector has been placed concentrically with the winding and time-setting crown. The function can thus be adjusted simply by pressing the centre of the crown which is exceptionally adorned with a flat sapphire to ensure absolute comfort. The aesthetic success of this timepiece doubtless lies in the fact that the sophisticated engineering, the multiple technological accomplishments and the daunting complexity of its movement fade gracefully into the background so as to give pride of place to visual magic and poetry. The Récital 9 Miss Alexandra Tourbillon is destined to honour timeless love – symbolised by the heart formed by the hands and the diamond – while flying the wearer to the moon.