Carl F. Bucherer

Alacria Diva Gothic

Case material
White gold
Bracelet strap
Water resistance
30 m
31.4 x 45 mm
Hours, Minutes
Alacria / 25-pieces limited series
Price excl.VAT
134'500 CHF

Alacria Diva Gothic.
The fusion of sparkling dominance and gothic architecture.

The Alacria Diva Gothic is the latest “objet d'art” of Carl F. Bucherer's ladies collection. Its curved profiles, set with 211 rubies and 169 diamonds FC, embodies a hint of love, power and Gothic architecture. A jewel for self-assured women, who prefer to go their own way. Because of its beauty and rarity, the Greeks called the ruby the “mother of all precious stones”. The Greek philosopher Aristotle wrote of it: “One is as red as pure blood and is called Rubinus. This is the best one of all.” The Romans talked about the ruby as the “flower among precious stones”. The ruby was regarded as divine energy of love turned to stone, the amalgam of Eros, physical love and Agape, spiritual love. In Asia too, the ruby has been revered through the ages. The “stone of life and love“ has been used over the years as a talisman, because it embodies the strengths of all the other precious stones. The ruby is considered to be the symbol of power, bravery and dignity and was the favourite precious stone of princes, kings and Indian maharajas.

During the Gothic period, the colour red also played an important role together with shades of black and gold, especially in churches at that time. In this respect, the Alacria Diva Gothic displays a typical architectural feature of that period. The black contours in the dial, made of lacquer, recall the arched structures of Gothic church architecture. Still today, the ruby is considered to be one of the most valuable of the precious stones, and so the Alacria Diva Gothic radiates an unrivalled elegance and dominance, thanks to its setting of 210 rubies and a ruby in its crown. Apart from its rubies, the Alacria Diva Gothic also has 169 diamonds FC, set in the case, the dial and the buckle. This number of precious stones shows the outstanding value of this item of jewellery, limited to 25 pieces globally. The watch made of 18 K white gold has an hourglass profile and stands for feminine elegance and self-assuredness. This model is complemented by its bracelet made of noble black ray skin with red alligator leather on the underside.

The exclusivity of the Alacria Diva Gothic is confirmed by the unique preparation of its stones. The 54 rubies on the bezel were crafted in rectangular, rhomboid and baguette forms and the upper surfaces of the stones are set face downwards, with the rounded uncut parts uppermost. This special and unusual process gives the watch an extra touch of individuality.

The embodiment of the dazzling dominance of the ruby and the beauty of Gothic architecture – this piece of jewellery is the Alacria Diva Gothic, which reflects the radiant side of its owner.

Facts & Figures Alacria Diva Gothic
Reference number: 00.10706.02.99.11
Movement: quarz
Functions: hours, minutes
Case: white gold 18 K, 54 rubies (baguette cut) 1st quality 5.0
ct, 157 rubies 1st quality 1.0 ct, 82 diamonds FC TW vvs 1.3
ct., sapphire crystal, water-resistant to 30 m, size 31,35 x
45,00 mm
Crown: white gold 18 K, 1 ruby 1st quality 0.05 ct.
Dial: 74 diamonds FC TW vvs 0.7 ct.
Bracelet: black ray skin, underside red alligator leather
Buckle: white gold 18 K, 13 diamonds FC TW vvs 0.15 ct.
Limited series: 25 pieces