Ajourée Héra

Case material
White gold
Bracelet strap
Pin buckle
Dial finish
Water resistance
30 m
ø 18 mm
6.8 mm
Hours, Minutes
Price excl.VAT
82'900 CHF

Ajourée Collection
The Art of sculpting light: A Boucheron watchmaking tradition

As early as 1885, the first wrist watches for women created by Frédéric Boucheron were true pieces of jewelry echoing delicate embroidery. They interwove incredibly fine lines, hinting at the foliage where children would play. An ode to transparency, they were creations of unparalleled richness and delicacy!
The backs of mirrors were decorated with fine openwork to enhance these sparkling effects, as can be seen with in a vanity case created in 1947, where the clasp mysteriously hides a watch.
The AJOURÉE collection preserves this uncommon technique and keeps its legacy alive with a playful twist, great refinement and sparkle.
It is a window onto another world, a latticework effect through which the skin can be seen, as though it were transparent. Each model in the AJOURÉE collection brings life, volume and lightness to its enchanted menagerie with this honeycomb openwork.
In this model, diamonds are set around the outer ring of the case, on its cap and around the face, like halos of light that set off the delicate motif and skilful craftsmanship.
The final creation in this collection, Ajourée Héra is a dreamlike and masterful piece.
Like a courtship display, the peacock fans its tail, filling the case with its incredible plumage. This creation has extensive openwork and cleverly interweaves golden threads to create stunning volume effects.
The peacock’s tail ends in a fan of oceli, created using paved diamonds and blue sapphires set off with sculpted half-moon chalcedonies and pear-cut sapphires. Many shades of blue are created, from light to dark, natural to precious. The peacock’s head complements its wonderful tail and is crowned with an aigrette-like diamond tiara. It has a diamond eye and its long neck is created using blue sapphires. The creature emerges seductive, noble and gentle. The Ajourée Héra is also available in a rock crystal and diamond form.
In Greek mythology, the peacock was the favorite creature of Héra, the goddess of women and marriage.
It also symbolizes fertility and immortality.