Tourbillon Souverain à seconde morte

Case material
Platinium, -
Bracelet strap
Hours, Minutes, Seconds
Price excl.VAT
167'200 CHF

The only Tourbillon with constant force remontoire and dead-beat seconds

In 1999, François-Paul Journe launched his F.P.Journe –Invenit et Fecit– brand with the Tourbillon Souverain, the first model in the Souveraine collection and the only tourbillon wristwatch with a constant force device.

A mechanism "Invenit et Fecit" – invented and made – by François-Paul Journe, providing unique timekeeping performances for this tourbillon which is still the most accurate on the market today.

Driven by his thirst for timekeeping research and his creative needs, François-Paul Journe added in 2004 a dead-beat second to the remontoir d’égalité. This exceptional mechanism in 18K rose Gold, revealed through a transparent sapphire crystal case-back, incorporates the remontoire that the brand values since 1983 for its timekeeping performances.

This complication, representing a unique feature on a contemporary wristwatch, provides a more accurate read-off of time. The French term "seconde morte", called dead-beat seconds, stems from the fact that the hand remains motionless ("dead") for as long as the second has not actually elapsed. The hand thus indicates the second once it has actually gone past.

The Tourbillon Souverain with remontoire (constant force device) and dead-beat second is endowed with the aesthetic characteristics and technical demands inherent to creations by F.P.Journe. It replaces the existing Tourbillon Souverain with remontoire and places the latter in the category of collector's watches. The fact that production of this first tourbillon model has been limited to just a few hundred makes it rare and provides now a highly sought-after status.

The dial features the distinctive identity of the F.P. Journe chronometers with the 18K 6N or white gold dial and guilloché Silver hour, minute and seconds circles screwed to the watch face (a patented feature). The 42-hour power-reserve indication at 12 o'clock perfectly counter-balances the independent seconds display at 6 o'clock.