blog.dreamchrono.comGPHG 2013 RESULTS – PART #2


By Eduard Osipov

This year’s GPHG, the world’s most celebrated horology award ceremony in Geneva was extremely interesting; out of the watches presented (in my humble opinion) each could have a nomination on its own, the crowd was fantastic and the unofficial after parties were a lot of fun! For the people who did not attend or don’t have a clue of what I am talking about when I say ‘GPHG’ let me first of all tell you a couple of words about the ceremony. For the people just getting into this whole ‘watch thing’ I like to use the Academy Awards cinema comparison… Best of the latest watchmaking is nominated for various prizes such as Best Men’s or Ladies’ Watch, and whoever wins gets all the fame and glory. The difference between the Grand Prix and Oscars though is that the independent watchmakers have the same chances of winning as the already established giants in horology. And without further explanations about the subject let’s see who won during the XIIIth ceremony!

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