Saqra Caelestic

Case material
Bracelet strap

The Saqra Caelestic or as it is also known the Saqra Astronomy.

The intricate design on the watch dial is based on astrological charts of the night sky over Geneva on the first of April 2006 at 11.30pm.

We envisage personalising this design to the wishes of the client, based on a particular date, time and location of special significance to the client.

The shooting star, a symbol of good fortune, crowns the second hand, which in turn, arches gracefully in the unstoppable passing of time and chance.

The energy reserve centred in the lower half of the dial, evokes memories of the measuring instruments of olden times; those fascinating clocks of times past and early astronomical instruments.

The representation of the 24 hours of the day, centred in the upper half of the dial, is presented in an originally symbolic manner, by playing with transparencies of crystal discs one above the other.

One rotating disc turning by the hour depicts the sun on a white background, whereas the moon and stars are shown on the second half on a black background. Superimposed on this movement is a second disk transparent in the upper half, opaque on in the lower representing day and night and is divided in two halves by the curve of the horizon.

The inner disc rotates contrasting with the second disk portraying the fundamental representation of the day and the night.

The gradual passing of the hours and the transition from dawn to dusk is symbolized by the proportion of light and the dark, as well as of the position of the sun and the moon with stars.

We will have thus both extremes, a sun at the pinnacle of its path in a white semi-circle of light, indicating 12:00 or noon, and in the other extreme a completely black disc displaying the moon and stars, indicating 24:00 or midnight.

There exist therefore a total of 24 different proportions of black and white indicating symbolically the 24 hours of the day a.m. and p.m.

To the left of centre, we encounter a Mother of Pearl disc indicating the days of the week, its changing reflections and colours, capturing the transient nature of the heavens above.

Why Saqra?

Regarding the “shape”, the case belongs to the deLaCour luck and prosperity Saqra series.

In a world such as that of watch making, occasionally static for decades, tied to the same stereotyped and mechanical shapes, it seems that only the smallest variation to the stereotype is allowed.

This is particularly obvious in the design of men's timepieces.

We believe we have taken a bold step away from the rules and regulations of the norm and given birth to a vibrant and brave design.

The unique shape of the Saqra suggests an ideal squaring of the circle ; if we look closely we discover, the circle and the square, both simple geometric figures, mutually intersect the other (compenetrate) to define the now emblematic case of the SAQRA.

This strong shape, rebellious and symbolic, has been met with great acceptance across borders real and conceptual in diverse cultures.

The play of symbols and meaning of the Saqra brings forth a concept of sacredness in the West whereas to an Eastern mind, the idea of the Chakra is evoked, the wheels or centres of energy of the human body.

The first of the seven Chakras, the Muladhara, is represented by means of a circle and a square with four petals of the lotus flower.

Saqra Caelestic

Pourrait de même être nommée l'Astronomie

Le ciel étoilé de Genève sin nuages, ni pluie, selon les informations astronomiques, du 1er Avril 2006 à 23 heures 30, constitue le fond du cadran.

La personnalisation, avec la situation du ciel à l'endroit, année, jour et heure peuvent être élus par le client.

L'étoile filante qui couronne l'aiguille des secondes, qui sont à la fois, filantes et insaisissables dans leur furtive course.

La réserve de marche; située sur la partie inférieure centrale s'apparente aux anciens méridiens; les montres d'antan, fascinants instruments astronomiques.