Red Carpet

Folding buckle
41 x 19.6 mm
12.3 mm
Hours, Minutes
Red Carpet / 1-piece limited series
Price incl. VAT
1'140'000 CHF

2019 Red Carpet Collection


Each Chopard creation carries within it the strength of the passion that brought it to life. For the 2019 Red Carpet Collection, Caroline Scheufele, co-president and artistic director of the Maison, has chosen LOVE as her inspirational theme. Stemming from her extraordinary creativity and the age-old jewellery know-how that the Mains d'Art  of the Haute Joaillerie Chopard workshops pass on from generation to generation, the Red Carpet Collection graces the Cannes International Film Festival – to which it has been an official partner since 1998 – with a whole range of emotions whose human and aesthetic richness echoes that of cinema. With the opening of the Festival, Scheufele unveils the 72 creations composing this year’s magnificent collection.

LOVE: when Chopard exalts the finest emotions

Among the ties between the creative universe of Chopard, the Artisan of Emotions, and the world that inspires it, LOVE is an unconditional value. Through her eclectic curiosity and tender-hearted vision of everything around her, Caroline Scheufele is capable of perceiving the energy and beauty of her surroundings. With her jewellery creations, she transforms and reinvents them in her own terms. LOVE, the theme of this Red Carpet Collection, celebrates love in its most diverse forms. From the people around her to the animal and plant world, from art history to research and innovation, Caroline Scheufele nourishes her benevolent curiosity with each and every detail. This pool of colours, materials, references and stories shines through the uniquely inventive collections of the Maison Chopard, where human beings are at the heart of creativity. It is the vivacity of this vision that has enabled Caroline Scheufele, a great lover of life, to design a glamorous and joyful collection, brimming with references and profoundly innovative.

Splendours of the 2019 Red Carpet Collection

From the initial idea through to its fulfilment by the Chopard Haute Joaillerie workshops, the dazzling Red Carpet Collection dons its luminous apparel, driven by the expertise and talent of its Mains d’Art. To mark the opening ceremony of the Cannes Festival on May 14th, Caroline Scheufele is unveiling 72 necklaces, bracelets, rings, brooches and jewellery watches that she has conceptualised for the legendary ‘montée des marches’ red carpet ritual: an anthem to colour and daring shapes, as well as a celebration of precious stones and rich poetic references – all conveying the single and universal message of love.

Among them is a set comprising a necklace and a pair of earrings in which splendid heart-shaped tanzanites, Paraiba tourmalines, amethysts and diamonds meet and mingle in beautifully light gold circles of ethical white gold and titanium. The necklace alone called for 500 hours of work, testifying to the quintessence of jewellery excellence embodied by Chopard. A quest for perfection that Caroline Scheufele expresses right the way through to the choice of breathtakingly beautiful precious gems. Witness a 111-carat cabochon-cut emerald mounted on a floral-inspired necklace, as well as exceptional pink diamonds showcased on solitaire rings.

Anthem to colour

Through the choice of precious stones, colour plays a starring role in the Red Carpet Collection. A set comprising a necklace and a pair of earrings thus combines the purity of diamonds with the vivacity of entrancingly beautiful pink sapphires. Their design playfully mingles marquise, pear and brilliant cuts in an exceptionally harmonious manner. Graced with another style and other colour pairing, two pairs of chandelier earrings testify to the Chopard workshops’ mastery of titanium. Known for its lightness, this metal invisibly supports a cascade of either tanzanites or amethysts, with the coloured titanium appearing to vanish entirely so as to magnify the brilliance and depth of the gems. Other talismans, such as sautoir necklaces, feature subtly graded shapes evoking rainbow colours. Finally, two bracelets set the perfect finishing touch: one in a pleasing combination of Paraiba tourmalines, tanzanites, amethysts and sapphires; and the other associating the orange tone of a Spessartite garnet with the green and blue shimmer of a setting composed of opals, emeralds and sapphires.

When passion blooms

Because the greatest declarations of love are always accompanied by flowers, Caroline Scheufele has designed a set composed of rings and earrings shaped like astonishingly lifelike orchids. Vividly expressing the creative and technical brilliance cultivated by the Maison, these dainty titanium flower stems adorned with diamonds, amethysts and sapphires achieve immortality as if a single spell had transformed them into jewellery. And since love is a game of seduction in nature just as among human beings, these orchids attract foraging insects by means of their labella composed of white opals radiating the spectacular pinkish shimmer of tinted titanium. The petals on the earrings are entirely paved with diamonds and amethysts, while those of the ring are delicately adorned with pink sapphires and diamonds

Time for love

For lovers so keenly aware that nothing is more precious than time, Chopard embellishes the passing hours through a series of jewellery watches illustrating its age-old expertise. Entirely set with diamonds forming a precious lacework motif that has become a signature of Chopard Haute Joaillerie, the watches in the Red Carpet Collection welcome rare precious stones to their dials. Strategically placed at 12 and 6 o’clock, an array of sapphires, rubies, emeralds or magnificent pink and yellow diamonds gracefully clothe time with a sparkling mantle.

The Journey to Sustainable Luxury

How can one interpret love without addressing the subject of ethics and social responsibility? In 2013, Chopard embarked on a major challenge by enriching the Red Carpet Collection with two pieces from a capsule collection made from certified materials: ethical ‘Fairmined’ certified gold and diamonds purchased from suppliers certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC). Ever since, Caroline Scheufele has constantly enriched this jewellery line – aptly named the Green Carpet Collection – by adding opals, emeralds and Paraiba tourmalines meeting the highest extraction and traceability criteria.

This year, the collection incorporates some exceptional new pieces, starting with a superb cuff bracelet featuring volutes composed of more than 25 carats of diamonds and which required no less than 340 hours of work by the Mains d’Art of the Maison. A necklace and a pair of matching earrings also join the line-up, featuring white gold and diamonds forming fine jewellery lacework emblematic of the Maison Chopard.  Commensurate with the ethical criteria of the Green Carpet Collection, these three jewellery creations are crafted in ethical ‘Fairmined’ certified gold and sparkle with diamonds sourced exclusively from RJC approved suppliers.

Creations interpreted by artist Megan Hess

Sharing the same passion for drawing, Caroline Scheufele asked Australian artist Megan Hess to provide her own interpretation of the Red Carpet Collection. The result is a series of illustrations featuring Chopard's Haute Joaillerie creations. Through a romantic dinner in the glow of an opulent pendant chandelier inspired by ruby and diamond earrings; a flower plucked from a greenhouse filled with arums; or the terrace of a palace hotel beneath a starry sky that echoes sparkling sapphires, the illustrator has given splendid life to the theme of love explored by the Red Carpet Collection.

Chopard, the “Red Carpet Jeweller”

Chopard plays a major role on the contemporary art scene, particularly through its ties with cinema, since the Maison has been a partner to the Cannes International Film Festival since 1998. Each year, Caroline Scheufele designs an Haute Joaillerie collection that meets the extraordinary challenge of offering a number of jewellery creations matching the number of Festival editions. In 2019, that means no less than 72 talismans compose a collection dedicated to the stunningly beautiful actresses during their red-carpet appearances. This alchemist’s blend of colours and shapes, expressed through the most precious gems, makes Chopard a key player on the Riviera and the ultimate "Red Carpet Jeweller".