Caliber 0100

Case material
White gold
Bracelet strap
Pin buckle
Water resistance
50 m
ø 37.5 mm
9.1 mm
Hours, Minutes, Seconds
Annual Accuracy of ± 1 second
The Citizen / 100-pieces limited series
Price incl. VAT
16'500 CHF


Caliber 0100

Caliber 0100 is an Eco-Drive (solar-powered) watch featuring the world’s most accurate time-keeping of within ±1 second per year.

Ever since the 1970s advent of the quartz watch, CITIZEN has pursued the higher precision that quartz technology makes possible. At the same time, CITIZEN was quick to recognise that the disposal of batteries could cause environmental problems. That is why CITIZEN first developed Eco-Drive, a proprietary solar-powered technology which is has now been refining for over 40 years.

Caliber 0100 autonomously calibrates time with accuracy of ±1 second per year. To achieve this unprecedented level of accuracy, Caliber 0100 utilizes an AT cut crystal oscillator that vibrates at a frequency of 8.4 MHz (8,388,608 Hz), which is more than 250 times higher than a tuning fork-shaped crystal oscillator. In addition, the AT cut crystal oscillator is barely affected by changes in temperature or gravity, resulting in particularly stable accuracy in the 5°C to 40°C practical temperature environment. Being practical is a major part of CITIZEN’s watch-making philosophy.

The AT cut crystal oscillator is traditionally used in bigger devices such as personal computers because it consumes a large amount of energy. However, the engineers at CITIZEN succeeded in reinventing it as a miniscule watch component by optimising every aspect of its energy consumption.

Caliber 0100 expresses the beauty of each individual second in its purest form and represents CITIZEN’s commitment to “pursuing the true essence of the watch.” All superfluous decoration has been eliminated to produce the ultimate in simplicity and elegance.

The unusually long second hand, the minute tracks printed with an elevated level of precision, and the minimised gear backlash were all designed to achieve that same goal. The way the second hand aligns so perfectly with the minute tracks is the physical expression of our confidence in the ultraprecision of the Caliber 0100. We want people to “feel” each individual second with their eyes.

The sharp edges of the white gold case, crown, and pin-buckle of the crocodile leather strap are designed to evoke a crystal motif. The simple dial has an ivory finish which elegantly communicates the ultraprecision concept. When viewed from the back, a discolouration- and corrosion-resistant black ruthenium-plated movement with a unique striped finish is visible through the sapphire glass.