Academy regulations 2020

The Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG) aims to yearly highlight and reward the excellence of contemporary watches, in order to contribute to promoting the watch industry worldwide.

Article 1 Presentation

1.1 The GPHG Academy brings together the major players in the main watchmaking sectors, divided into colleges. It is governed by the Foundation of the Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG Foundation), which publishes the Academy's Regulations.

1.2 The Academy is based on the GPHG's core values of neutrality, independence and universality.

Article 2 Role of the Academy

The Academy is a creatively proactive, responsible for the selection (nomination and awards) of watches in competition and ambassador of the GPHG throughout the world.

2.1 The Academy proposes eligible watches.
Each member is responsible for proposing 1 to 12 watches per category in at least 8 of the 14 categories of the GPHG, in accordance with the GPHG 2020 Rules (1). These submissions are strictly confidential and anonymous in terms of their authors.

In parallel, watch brands can also register their watches directly with the GPHG as in previous editions.

The list of watches entered in the competition comes from both the Academy's proposals and direct applications from watch brands. The eligibility of applications is verified by the GPHG and final entries are validated by the watch brands.

2.2 The Academy votes in order to elect the nominated watches (first round of voting).
The Academy votes on the basis of the final list of watches entered in the competition.

All members of the Academy participate in this first round of voting via a secure digital platform.
They nominate six watches in each category.

The GPHG does not have access to the details of the voting, but only to the final results.
The votes are verified and recorded exclusively by a notary appointed by the Board of the Foundation.

2.3 The Academy votes to determine the awards (second round of voting).
A jury of 30 members, from the Academy, is constituted each year. This jury meets in camera, in the presence of a notary, a few days before the awards ceremony, in order to physically evaluate each of the nominated models and to proceed with the second round of secret ballot voting.
Members of the entire Academy also take part in the second round of voting via the secure platform. They vote on the basis of the list of nominated watches.

The result of the vote of the whole Academy counts for three votes, equivalent to those of three members of the jury; this result is counted during the final count which determines the awards.

The GPHG does not have access to the details of the voting, but only to the final results.
The votes are verified and recorded exclusively by a notary appointed by the Board of the Foundation.

2.4 The members of the Academy serve as ambassadors for the GPHG, in the sense that they contribute to its reputation and development throughout the world.

Article 3 Members of the Academy

The members of the Academy are significant stakeholders in the main sectors related to watchmaking, divided into six different colleges, in addition to the “guest college”, composed of personalities whose activity supports the influence and dynamism of watchmaking.

Spread of members between the different colleges:
3.a. College of watchmakers, designers and artisans
3.b. College of watch-related industries: subcontractors, component suppliers, etc.
3.c. College of experts: educators, historians, watchmaking experts, etc.
3.d. College of distributors and retailers
3.e. College of journalists and influencers
3.f. College of brands: CEOs, presidents, founders
3.g. Guest college: collectors, end customers, aesthetes, other personalities, etc.

The GPHG will ensure a proportional balance, particularly in terms of business sectors and geographical areas, so as to ensure its membership is as diverse and representative as possible.

Article 4 Composition of the jury

4.1 The jury is composed each year of 30 members from the Academy.

4.2 The jury is composed as follows:

- 14 members drawn at random from among the members of the Academy (distributed in the different colleges, except the college of brands) 
- 15 members chosen by the GPHG from within the Academy
- 1 representative (president, owner or CEO) of the brand that won the “Aiguille d’Or” Grand Prix the previous year, the said brand being precluded from the competition that year. If he/she is directly linked to one or several other brands, he/she does not take part in the vote in which this/these brand(s) is/are participating.
- Jury members must give their explicit permission regarding their participation.

4.3 The Chairperson of the Jury is chosen by the GPHG Foundation Board from among the 30 members mentioned above.

4.4 All members of the jury participate in the meeting for the second round of voting mentioned under point 2.3.

Article 5 Conditions governing membership

5.1 The GPHG Foundation selects the members of the Academy in 2020.
From 2021, the new members of the Academy will be sponsored.

Membership will be open to: persons who meet the conditions for membership in the above-described colleges who have expressly applied to the GPHG Foundation, and whose application will be supported by three member sponsorships. The Foundation may also appoint new members without sponsorship.

5.2 The Academy shall not include more than five members of any one brand or company.

5.3 In 2020, the College of Brands is composed of representatives of each of the winning and nominated brands since the Foundation's creation. A representative of each brand entered in the competition as early as 2021 is invited to join the Academy's College of brands the following year, without sponsorship.

Article 6 Application and application form

6.1 The application file must include the following elements:

- a request indicating the motivation for joining the Academy and mentioning the applicant's contact details (address, email, telephone number).
- three letters of sponsorship from members of the Academy.
- a curriculum vitae attesting to the involvement in the field of watchmaking or a sector related to watchmaking, and indicating the nature of any vested interests in watch brands.

6.2 Application forms:
Complete applications must be sent to the GPHG Foundation. They will be examined, within two months, by the Foundation, which reserves the right to accept or reject the application.

Article 7 Membership status and duration

7.1 Membership is granted "ad personam". It is therefore not transferable to a third party.

7.2 Members are appointed for a three-year term, which is renewable.
Any resignation must be tendered in writing to the GPHG Foundation. In addition, the Foundation reserves the right to terminate the mandate of an Academy member without any specific reason.

7.3 Membership is confirmed after validation of the membership on the Academy platform.

Article 8 Commitments of members and the GPHG

8.1 The members of the Academy undertake to:

  • Propose eligible watches within the specified time frame (see 2.1).
  • Participate in voting within the time limits set (see 2.2 and 2.3).
  • Respect the duty of confidentiality related to their membership status. The official secrecy applies to all members of the Academy.
  • Fulfil their obligations to the best of their knowledge and belief and with complete impartiality.

In the event of non-compliance with the above obligations, the Foundation may terminate membership of the Academy.

8.2 Members of the Academy may communicate about their status as members of the Academy.
They will be able to attend GPHG events at their own expense if they so wish and if space is available (exhibitions and awards ceremony).

Article 9 List of Academy members

9.1 The list of Academy members is published yearly on the GPHG website.

9.2 The Academy's Regulations and the list of members are updated yearly by the GPHG Foundation.
These documents are available on the GPHG official website (www.gphg.org).

Regulations adopted by the Board of the GPHG Foundation on February 21, 2020.

Contact: academy@gphg.org


(1) The GPHG Rules specify in particular the criteria for the eligibility of watches, the organisation of votes, price definitions, etc. (available on www.gphg.org).